Gia Carangi Original Photographs


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Limited Edition Premium Photographs

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The photos seen above are low resolution samples of the actual images currently for sale. They are  part of a series of test shots taken in mid January 1978 (probably one of Gia's first go-sees in the city).

Gia did her own hair and make-up. She brought a suitcase full of clothes and worked like a pro. I was extremely impressed for this was a girl who was new to the business and not even 18 yet. She was sent to me by Wilhelmina in N.Y.C. to take some test shots in order to see how she would fit into the agency.

Images are approximately 8x10 inches on a modern silver gelatin print on fiber paper. Photographed and printed by me - signed and dated on back of print.  Photos are in excellent condition!

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